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Our hotels have more meeting and event space than anyone else in the world, making it easy to find the right space.

  • For one meeting room for your event, you can book instantly online.
  • For multiple meeting rooms, use the Pricing Request option. You can provide all of your event details directly to the hotel online, and
  • someone from the hotel sales team will get back to you with pricing and next steps by email or phone.


Many hotels offer discounted rates for blocks of 10 or more sleeping rooms. When you book online, you’ll see your hotel’s group rate, then select the perfect room type and provide all of your booking details.

  • For 9 or fewer guest rooms, it’s the same as if you were booking just one. Simply search, select and reserve on a single credit card. You also can assign names to individual rooms to allow your guests to pay with their own credit card upon arrival.
  • For 10 or more guest rooms, find the hotel that meets your needs, then book online from start to finish! Just look for the Book Now option at participating hotels.
  • For 25 or more guest rooms, or if the Book Now option is not available at your selected hotel, choose the Pricing Request option to provide all of your event details to the hotel online. The hotel sales team will contact you by email or phone to provide pricing and availability and work with you to finalize your booking


After you book your event online and/or completed the Pricing Request form, you will receive an email confirmation. If you submitted a pricing request, you can expect a call or email to discuss the details, usually within 24 hours.

If your guests are booking their own rooms from within your reserved room block, we provide HiltonLink, a custom web page or direct booking link that seamlessly enables your guests to reserve their rooms online using your exclusive group rate. If guests don’t want to book online, they may call the hotel directly to book their rooms. Be sure they know to reference your group’s room block.



Conference tables in the shape of the letter U with chairs around the outside. Ideal for meetings and discussion groups where there is a speaker, visual presentation or other focal point.


Rows of chairs facing the front of the room, divided by center and/or side aisles. Very space-efficient and an excellent way to accommodate a large number of guests with a single focal point.


Rows of conference tables with chairs facing the front of the room, providing writing and workspace for each guest. Ideal when guests take notes, follow along with reference materials or use laptop computers


Rectangular table with chairs around sides and ends. Great for board and committee meetings and discussion groups. Offers ample workspace and good interaction among participants.


Multiple round tables, each seating 8–10 guests. May include buffet or service table. Great for social events, and also useful for small business meetings with breakout discussion groups or note-taking.


Small, round, usually tall tables throughout a space. Ideal for large events that demand guests circulate and interact.


A variation on the classroom setup, rows of conference tables set at an angle with chairs facing the front of the room, providing writing and workspace for each guest. Ideal for small groups.

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